Cita previa viajeros islas Baleares y Canarias_


Viajeros Baleares


Para poder acceder a las Islas Baleares, debe aportar a las autoridades competentes una prueba diagnóstica de COVID19 con resultado negativo. Para poder atenderle en nuestros centros, debe aportar la siguiente documentación:

  • Application PRINTED for COVID19 diagnostic tests (RESIDENTS VOUCHER)
  • for COVID19 diagnostic tests (RESIDENTS VOUCHER) 
  • Certificate of residence PRINT (only if the island address is not stated on the ID card or passport)
  • Flight or boat ticket PRINT
  • Application PRINTED for COVID19 diagnostic tests (RESIDENTS VOUCHER) 

To obtain the BONUS, please click on the link:

Travellers to the Baleares Islands

For more information and/or support on service conditions or in the event of any incident, you can call 91 108 70 8, or send an e-mail to

Travellers' appointments

Remember, important notice:
Plan your trip in advanceIf the test results are not available within 48 hours after the test has been carried out, it may take up to 48 hours for the results to be delivered.

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  • Otras ciudades

Where can you go?

In the following map you will find all the points where you can take the test purchased here.

By pointing to the dots you will find more information about the clinic.

Do you have doubts?

We have created a "frequently asked questions" section, it is the quickest way to solve it, otherwise you can always contact us.