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Infecciones Transmisión Sexual

1. Choose the test or service, if you wish to pay at the centre, choose "general analysis (payment at the centre). If you have received a promotional code, enter it in the last step.

2. Choose one of our laboratories.

3. Choose the date and time you are most interested in.

4. Fill in your information and make the payment.

Finally you will receive a confirmation email and... that's it!
We will wait for you on the day of your appointment, and you won't have to fill in any paperwork or pay at the clinic. Easy, isn't it?

Pruebas Infecciones Transmisión Sexual

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Where can you make an appointment?

In the following map you will find all the points where you can take the test purchased here.

By pointing to the dots you will find more information about the clinic.

Do you have doubts?

We have created a "frequently asked questions" section, it is the quickest way to solve it, otherwise you can always contact us.